Premiered in 2009 at Lucent Dans Theater in The Hague, NL by Nederlands Dans Theatre 2

When thinking of a idea of this dance piece, Lukas Timulak couldn't stop thinking about the fact that the premiere coincided perfectly with the due date of his baby to be. Quite naturally, the upcoming birth of his child became a strong source of inspiration of the new creation. Furthermore, Peter Biľak, who helped with visual aspects of the piece, had become a father just a few months earlier. Offspring captures this unique life experience in the form of a dance performance. It is a highly personal piece, which should still work without knowledge of Lukas’

Choreography: Lukas Timulak
Set design: Peter Bilak
Light design: Tom Visser
Costumes: Tomoko Inamura
Assistant of the Choreographer: Urtzi Aranburu

with dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater 2

Original cast dancers:

Aram Hasler
Carolina Mancuso
Vania Doutel Vaz
Jin Young Won
Maud de la Purification
Idan Sharabi
Riley Watts
Cesar Faria Fernandes
Roger van der Poel

photos by Peter Bilak

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