Premiered on November 25, 2023 at the Scene 55, by the Cannes Jeune Ballet (FR)

In this new creation for Cannes Jeune Ballet, choreographer Lukas Timulak is working together with a long time collaborator, designer Peter Bilak. Exploring the limits of visual and emotional perception, the stage becomes an evolving canvas, immersing public in a world where emotions transcend boundaries. The performance is accompanied by the instrumental music by Beastie Boys interchanged with the piano compositions by Kate Moore.

Choreography: Lukáš Timulak
Concept/Design: Peter Biľak
Music: Kate Moore, Beastie Boys
Assistant of Choreographer: Maurizio Drudi

with dancers of Cannes Jeune Ballet (FR)
under the direction of Paola Cantalupo

Tom Bellec, Emanuele Bernardi, Pau Bernaus Aparicio, Nicole Garcia Parry, Bernat Gimenez Suesa, Romane Heurtefeu Foussard, Julia Juillard, Noeline Krauth, Miguel Lopes, Carola Minardo, Neil Ronsin, Samuel Ruiz Cerezo, Margarida Silva

photos by Peter Bilak

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