Cosmogonia Mundi

Make Move Think at XVIth Biennale of Architecture in Venice presents Cosmogonia Mundi

Cosmogonia Mundi reflects on the possible futures of the City of Venice and the Port of Marghera in the form of live dance, using Northscapes Collective’s installation The Port and the Fall of Icarus on the laguna’s shore as a backdrop, and a film documentary in the main exhibition of the Padiglione Venezia/Marghera. In this project - which is part of a larger research program - MAKE MOVE THINK explores the dialog between individualism and collectivism in contemporary urban culture. Performing Arts and Architecture meld to create a moment where Dance is not merely performance and Architecture is not permanence. 

This project is initiated by architect & urban designer Luisa Calabrese and is currently in the process of making with MMT collaborators, designer Peter Bilak & choreographer Lukas Timulak and dancer Valentina Scaglia.  

Our Sponsors and Partners
& generosity of Joke Visser

Concept & Development: Luisa Maria Calabrese & Lukas Timulak
Choreography: Lukas Timulak
Dance: Valentina Scaglia & Lukas Timulak
Music: Henry Vega
Design: Peter Bilak
Costume design: Annemarije van Harten
Cinematography: Hector Salgado

photos by Michal Hancovsky

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